Enrolled: 39 students
Duration: 3 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 30 mins
Level: Beginner
the word of God

This course presents the fundamental beliefs in Christianity.

Session 1

  • The Word of God
  • What makes the Bible different from other literature?
  • How is the process of inspiration?
  • How accurate are the contents in the Bible?

Session 2

  • The Godhead
  • How do we obtain a knowledge of God?
  • What are the evidences that show the existence of God?
  • Who is the God of the Bible?
  • Trinity, is it biblical?

The Word of God
1 hour

This lesson discusses on the authority of the Bible, its focus, and how its writers perceived it in contrast to many literature in the past and present.

CBWOG Quiz1: Bible
3 questions

This is a multiple choice type of a quiz, and needs to be answered before continuing to the next lesson.

The Godhead
45 mins

This lesson discusses about the Godhead. It has one video to watch, and a quiz.

CBGodhead: Quiz2
2 questions

This is the second quiz on this subject and is about the Godhead.

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